I. Official Notice – Holidays Prolonged

With the emerging 2019nCoV virus, various disease control countermeasures and governmental policies have been taken in China to ensure the health and security of the general public. This year’s Chinese Spring Festival holidays will be prolonged to February 2, 2020 and any official IP deadlines that fall on the holidays will be automatically extended to the next working day, i.e., February 3, 2020 (No.350 Bulletin, CNIPA). Under the local Policies, our Shanghai office shall refrain from daily operations till February 10, 2020.

II. What we do at SPTL?

2.1  In this challenging situation, we at SPTL are taking our utmost efforts to curb disease transmission and to ensure the smooth running of all our IP work on client’s demand. We are running a robust internal management system with data security measures. Thanks to our years of experience, we start to work from home firm effectively from today, while we still have minimum staffs in our Shanghai office for emergency.

2.2  We all stand by, with timely email processing and handy phone connection. We are able to handle the office communications and attend to client’s needs at short notice. Please rest assured that your requests will receive immediate attention and get tackled in a timely manner. 

2.3  For any failure to meet the official deadlines due to the 2019nCoV crisis, please keep us informed and take note of the relevant information and documentation. We will be proactive to assist you with the restoration procedures under force majeure.

2.4  We will closely track the policy updates and keep in contact with the CNIPA, the courts and local authorities. Please click on www.sptl.com.cn or wechat “sptl1984” for the latest information.

III. Unite Like a Fortress

China has gone through 2003 SARS outbreak with seamless organization and efficient manpower. The 300 professionals of SPTL are of confidence to stand shoulder by shoulder with all the people for disease control and prevention. We collect the daily health reports from our staff and no one is currently found to have contracted the infectious disease. We will stay healthy with passion for IP work as usual and make every contribution to the IP service sector with our expertise and strength during the 2019nCoV crisis. 

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